Short film Colosseum currently being entered into film festivals. Follow Ramp Studios to keep up to date!

June 2019

Keep up to date with short film 'Edge' on imdb.  Currently doing well on the film festival circuit and has already won an award for best cinematography!   

14th Oct

Just finished shooting a short film in Bristol called, The Edge, by Bald N Hairy Films.  A very intense piece filmed on a scorching hot day, with many technical issues.  Helped through the tough conditions though by an amazing team and several umbrellas!  More images here.

Sept 2017

Spent the end of May recording an audio piece for the Protoverse team in Manchester, featuring Louise Jameson.  More to follow, along with some exciting news for the project very soon! 

Ended summer 2016 dancing at Big John's Mela Festival in Canon Hill Park Birmingham.  Was great fun and the weather kept nice for everyone!  Short clip below of the final routine, taken by a friend in the crowd!  Aug 2016

Big John's Mela.  Last section from dance performed - 2016

Beyond Fury, the follow up to A Day of Violence, filming now!                                                                                                 

This is not for the faint hearted!  Follow news on the project here. 

Directed by Darren Ward.  Release date 2017.

Filming of promo material for Helical Scan's Protoverse has begun.  Tina will play one of the lead supporting roles, Hegemony.  Pictured below in behind the scenes photo, with Rupert Booth as Equinox.  Mar, 2016